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2217 NPL

Los Angeles, USA

Single Family House


EXCESSIVE IV Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program
University Of Applied Arts Vienna
Head Prof.: Hernán Díaz Alonso
Assistant: José Carlos López Cervantes

Located in the outskirts of Los Angeles, the starting point of the design is based on the standards of a single family house. The exuberance of the form is the tool that develops an aesthetic able to corrupt the original principles and establish a negotiation with the contemporary way of life in a day-by-day house. The project is thought as a continuous mixture of conventional elements that create an emotional empathy with something that is familiar for everyone (social memory), combined with external contaminations that brings new behaviors and perceptions of the spaces.
The house is divided in three units. The first one is a half-underground piece, which contains the main entrance and the services of the house, the public areas are located in the 2nd one (on the ground) and in the last one appears the private rooms, which is detached from the ground.
In this way, the three units are positioned in the same height and it is the relationship with the sloped topography  what defines morphological- and structurally each piece.
The aggressive exterior made out of the combination of a wire-linework, mobile facade panels and metallic surfaces, creates a contrast with the soft and continuous interiors.