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is a Vienna based practice for architecture and design. The studio is committed to the reciprocal relation between today’s  provocative and innovative spatial speculations and its manifestation into tangible, efficient, and logical matter. A platform for conceptual and strategic thinking devoted to contemporary cultural, natural, and technological challenges and its transportation into spatial qualities. Design-related philosophical approaches, new forms of complexity, error-based techniques, curiosity, surprise, indetermination, or open-ended processes are some of the uncommon methodologies that represent an interest for generating off-center architectural discourses and results capable of unfolding and accommodating the unpredictable.

Gonzalo VAILLO

is a registered architect in Spain and practicing in Austria. He graduated with Honors by the ETSAG Universidad de Alcala, Spain (2010), studied at the University of Innsbruck (AT) and post-graduated with Distinctions by the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2014, where he also taught as assistant professor in the Postgraduate Program Excessive. Since 2016 he is faculty member at the University of Innsbruck, formerly at the Institute of Urban Design IOUD and currently at the Institute for Experimental Architecture – Hochbau. Parallel to his academic work, Gonzalo Vaillo has wide experience in international projects at different scales along all their design phases. Gonzalo was Design Director at Wolfgang Tschapeller ZT GmbH (2010-2018) prior founding MORPHtopia in 2017.

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