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YEAR   Winter Semester 2016    

Entwurf 2 Institute of Urban Design IOUD
Innsbruck Universität
Head Prof.: Peter Trummer
Associates: Gonzalo Vaillo and Lenia Mascha

From a formal point of view there are two different models in city planning. In one diagram architecture describes an anonymous mass and defines the Ground from which the public spaces such as figurative empty space, called voids, are being curved out. This was defined by the Nolli plan and refers basically to all the cities emerged before the 20th Century.

In the second model the architectural objects such as figures, are hovering over the landscape. This model describes the modern city, where the streets were separated from the houses and running freely between the buildings.  Figure-ground theory states that any space resulting from the placement of figures should be considered as carefully as the figures themselves. In addition to that we will consider the notion of Solid-void to define the physical condition of each element.

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