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PROGRAM Music Academy and Concert Hall
YEAR 2011
STATUS  Competition  

A new building for the City.
A new feature for the Park.

In order to minimize the impact in such a sensitive environment, the footprint of the building follows the original layout of the Park. The ground floor is an extension of the pathways creating an hybrid interior-exterior free movement area. The building is a transition element, which starts in the park and ends in the city, or viceversa. Full height glass walls enclose the building on the city side, while an incline roof, only interrupted by an amphitheater, skylights and rooftop restaurant, offers continuity to the green surfaces. The classrooms are staked in the north side of the plot in relation to the street and the MAK Museum. In the middle of the open foyer appears the Concert Hall inside a blooby volume, which offers an intimate space with views over the park. In this way, the stage is a prolongation of the park into the building.