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Ideen für konkrete Raum-Prototypen. Project Research Report 2017-2019 - Institut für experimentelle Architektur.Hochbau, Universität Innsbruck 

Eds. Allner, Lukas, Christoph Opperer, Karolin Schmidbaur, and Gonzalo Vaillo. Vienna: Verlaghaus Hernals, 2019.


The Studio Hochbau (studio Karolin Schmidbaur) at the Institute for Experimental Architecture at the University of Innsbruck deals with the development of concrete, spatial, and also materialized, constructive prototypes. The works shown here represent an inventory from the work of four design semesters, from WS 2017 to SS 2019. From a total of 63 Bachelor and Master design works, processual material was chosen that communicates both the studio's working methods and attitude, as well as intermediate states from this ongoing work. In accordance with the goal of negotiating space, material, and construction, the works were divided into these three groups according to their individual focuses.

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