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Openness and Fragments

in Design Technology and Digital Production: An Architecture Anthology, edited by Gabriel Esquivel, 153–59. 2023. New York and London: Routledge.


Whether in teaching, in writing, or in the work of my office MORPHtopia, my approach to architectural design has been profoundly influenced in recent years by philosophies that account for the gap between reality and appearance, especially Object-Oriented Ontology. So far, this motivation has revolved around two flanks. The first is an ontological interest in the architectural project (abbreviated AP) as an entity in itself, i.e., as an object with an autonomous status of existence. The second investigates what such autonomy implies for cognition at the epistemological level, especially for the architect in the design process and for the inhabitant in its experience and use. This has led to the search for an architecture capable of inducing an immaterial awareness of its existence and, at the same time, open to interpretation and free occupation, all this through a design methodology based on irritable and irritating fragments. [...]

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