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Strategies for Space and Construction Formation

Karolin Schmidbaur and Gonzalo Vaíllo (eds.)
Innsbruck: innsbruck university press, 2023


In times of change, the question arises how positive transformation can be supported and shaped. The forces influencing transformation are not concepts or specific projects and ambitions, but changing values, a changed attitude that we take towards the world and ourselves. They form the basis of our motivations and actions and can thus cause transformation – a fundamental change brought about from within. This publication showcases works in teaching, research, 1:1 – 1:X construction, and exhibition developed between 2020 and 2022 at the Institute of Experimental Architecture | Building Design and Construction | Studio Schmidbaur. Animated by an integral approach to architectural design and construction the studio encourages a plurality of personal stances, tools and working processes rather than the definition of prescriptive techniques. This ambition reflects an open design method that combines traditions of design, construction, and craft with investigations of the changing conditions of contemporary practice and discussion informed by the rapid development of new materials, technologies, processes, and tools. Our aim is to develop an aesthetic, constructive and spatial framework for a multidimensional building environment conducive to change. 

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