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The concept of density as a medium of negotiation for spatial perception and construction

Summer Semester 2018
Entwurf Master 1 - Institute for experimental architecture. hochbau
Innsbruck Universität
Prof. Karolin Schmidbaur, Lukas Allner, Gonzalo Vaillo

The studio focuses on the development of free space concepts and their translation into tangible, constructed and materialized space. In doing so, we examine the topic "density" as a bargaining tool for perception, spatial qualities and construction principles. Sensors, and thus scan application technology, have been the catalyst for the latest shift in the digital era since around 2010. Scanners have moved into different disciplines and areas of life, producing a fundamentally new registration, detailing, and way of perceiving the world through their 3-dimensional, qualitatively differentiated images and point clouds of just about everything around us. If the term matter = energy (Einstein) is now extended beyond the concept of matter = consciousness = energy (quantum physics), then the use of scanning technologies and the description of spaces via point clouds of different density, vibrations and dependencies could offer a new possibility of negotiation of matter (of the previously committed) in architecture become possible.

The goal is a free re-negotiation based of new readings and spatial perceptions. When we describe matter and non-matter as superimposed points in motion, the concept of density in the description and perception of space and spatial sequences, transitions, and even the qualities and qualities of material, begins to gain importance. Density here means both a different porosity, dynamics and sequence of (useable), experienceable space, as well as the variability of the quality of space separations and transitions, and a means of describing not necessarily visible qualities (atmosphere, temperature, sound, humidity, etc.)

The intention is to create a space prototype that - based on the term "4th density" - describes a new perception of space, form, usability, construction, material and atmosphere. The term prototype stands for an open space-construction-material relationship system, not a building, a type of room code that could be further developed as a topic in concrete applications. The prototype is thermally conditioned, located in the continental climate and has a closed, intact space envelope. "New" refers to the different, which reaches beyond the existing fabric. What is sought are invisible references or concepts made visible through interpretative analytical (presentation) techniques.

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