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The Unknown Known 

Studio Research in collaboration with T4T Lab  www.t4tlab.com
Texas A&M University


Multiplicity in relation to aesthetics and mereological composition

These projects investigates the unknown known (a.k.a. the space of abundance, a.k.a. the unknown excess) of the architectural project (AP) as the primary source for its manifestation. In short, we look for what we don’t know about some particular AP for representing it in a way that is ineffable for its future audience. This is radically different from trying to unfold any kind of essence or transcendental substance of the AP. On the contrary, we simply seek other possible sensual profiles (the hidden phenomena) that are a priori not at hand.

But…how to represent the unknown through a material-based practice like architecture? Here comes the beautiful paradox: what are the material forms and compositional arrangements in architecture (thus, physical and concrete matter) that enhance unknown understandings when they are cognised? What are the possible representations of a project (its embodiments) that emerge from itself and which, additionally, produce multiple readings when experienced? How can a project maintain a constant level of curiosity and unknowability both to its authors and its beholders? The active act of design, and not only the passive consumption of experiences, is approached as a problem of cognition.
T4T Lab Director: Gabriel Esquivel
Students: Emma Sumrow, Bernardo Guerra, Finn Rattana Hok, Manuel Alvarado, Joseph Reich, Kate Gesing, John Scott, Vill Van Dusen, Brenden Bjerke, Rebecca Ramirez, Andrew Line

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