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Humboldt Forum Berlin

Art Installation 



Where the world of two brothers meets

The “2 Brothers, 1 World” installation represents the life of the brothers Humboldt. Series of lines run longitudinally above the stair and escalator and conform two bodies that meet in the center of the space. An additional volume called the “Hearts” is embedded inside each body and described the personality of the protagonists:
-The philosopher, linguist and educator figure is materialized into a recognizable Platonic geometry: a cube. A rational and legible form attached to Wilhelm’s humanistic vision of the world.
-On the other hand, Alexander’s Heart is a free form geometry, which expresses his curiosity as explorer and interest in geography and natural forms.

As analogy to Alexander’s studies of how the forces of the nature interacts with one another and find out about the unity of nature, this installation materializes how the forces of two brothers interact with one another and find about the unity and continuity of their legacy.

While moving along the staircase hall, the perception of the installation and the space itself constantly changes. The density and accumulation of lines varies from each new point of view: sometimes the volume vanishes and fades into the white space; or on the contrary, the installation becomes a heavy monolith, which is hanged over our heads. Starting from the top of the stairs/escalor on the 3rd floor and weather going downstairs or walking through the corridor, the installation starts with few lines, which gradually increse their density becoming a dynamic solid, that ends into a twisted sphere: THE HUMBOLDT’S WORLD.

The series of flexible light tubes run along the entire installation representing the highlights and achievements of each brother. Perceptually the linearity of the long corridor in the 3rd floor is increased by the direction of the lighting and it is only interrupted by the martial rhythm of the columns.

As a respond to the rationality of the architecture of the new Humboldt Forum the installation appears as a confrontational element to the neutral space of the staircase hall: the white walls turn into black masses, the orthogonal architectural elements become multidirectional trembled wires, the regular and rhythmical lighting faces the continuous and organic LED tubes, the monolith architecture is deconstructed in thousands of lines, etc. In this way the installation and the space work as related opposites.

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