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LWZ 38

Poised alongside Wienfluss and Naschmarkt, the LWZ 38 project draws upon Otto Wagner's Wienzeilenhäuser, an epitome of Jugendstilarchitektur. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Majolikahaus and Köstlergasse 3, these structures embody Wagner's envisioned 'Prachtboulevard' linking Karlsplatz and Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Honoring Wagner's decorative arts, LWZ 38 reinvents the original ornamentation with a contemporary graphic language, adapting a tattoo on the roof and south facade. The 2D pattern transforms into a 3D configuration, unfolding as a continuous surface over the historic building. At the same time, the juxtaposition of demolishing the old roof and birthing a rooftop landscape echoes Vienna's Dachbau tradition. The 6th floor unveils a rooftop house, accessible through an extension of the original staircase. Inside the penthouse, the sapace flows uninterrupted, marked only by subtle pavement changes and three main programatic pillars.. A lightweight glass structure distinguishes the living space from the pool, roof garden, and terraces. On the south facade, balconies and cantilevered boxes extend the original building's rooms, adorned with endless golden lines against distorted warp surfaces. Grey-black metal panels accentuate high-relief masses, with ornamentation standing as the generation of the project.

Linke Wien Zeile 38, Vienna

Rooftop house and facade extension


Speculative project for the
Angst Barrock exhbition, ICARCH. Hinterland Gallerie, Vienna