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PROGRAM  Urban Park and Auditorium
YEAR  2010

ETSAG Universidad de Alcalá
Tutor: Ángel Verdasco Novalvos
The project is focused on three essential parameters of London: the green areas, the icons and landmarks and the pedestrians. The Tate Modern is understood as an isolated icon in its environment (particularly its back side), the project works in two overlapped scales: the necessity to connect the Tate with others landmarks and its own renovation and adaptation for the new social demands. Museums are no longer art containers,  but new social centres. A new complete mix-used building is created embedded in the design of a park. This park gives coherence to the whole area and it also connects the museum with the surroundings.

Taking into account the important of the chimney in the skyline of London the new auditorium is buried for preserving the views over it.
This produces an inversion of the normal program of an auditorium, so the accesses and foyers are now over the music halls in directly relationship with the park and its new topography.

The auditorium is made up of three different halls, which have the same stage. This produces that every kind of performance can be showed whit simple mechanical partitions depending on the capacity for each event.

The three halls are covered by huge concrete beams, which divide the underground world from the public areas. Accesses, ticketing and multifunctional rooms appear inbetween the cross beams. Over them, a new topography creates the green roof. The auditorium is made out of dark wood parquet and an irregular red ceiling of plaster-wood panels provide the good acoustic following the shape of a cave.