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The presented display wall rejects the traditional and simple two-sided displayer. On the contrary, and for the purpose of a continuous flow for the exhibition, the free of corners Xeno-wal blends into a curvature that adapts to the dimensions of the given room. All the photographs appear at the same eye-level and are placed all the way along the perimeter in a regular continuous sequence, which creates a direct contrast with the organic and changing forms of the background. The Xeno-wal starts on one side as a regular massive curved GFRC wall that morphs and disintegrates while it moves towards the opposite side. There, the Xeno-wall starts as a simple stainless-steel wireframe that becomes dense and more intricate towards the opposite direction. Every single point in-between offers a new condition where to display a new starlette. Following the topic of the competition brief, one may see how entity X, and all what represents, “seducts” entity Y and vice versa.

Rather than competing to each other, such dual relations enter into a relationship of irritations, in which element X influences element Y and at the same time X is influenced by Y. A seduction mode. This interrelation produces an outcome with two major conditions: a) the immanent emergent properties of a wall that is bigger than the sum of their parts and b) something more transcendent that the wall as a whole. The combination of a+b produces a third wall, which is not (only) the whole or the parts of the wall, but rather the meta-wall.

Bolognia, Italy

PROGRAM Installation, Display



Foundation Fashion Research Italy

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